Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Eurostar food tour

We had fun stopping at each country from our Eurostar tour and tasting all the different foods. The children were amazing at tasting different things:black pudding from the UK, sauerkraut from Germany, Brie from France, tiger bread from Holland. Nat's mother made Norwegian waffles and there was Polish sausage and biscuits.  

Monday, 17 July 2017

Word Wizards

We played lucky dip in Word Wizards today to discover the setting for our drama!

We had to create a drama which included a setting, a problem and a solution before performing our sketch to the rest of the class.

Our Inspire objective was to work as a member of the team.

It was fun!


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Europe quiz

We used atlas' and everything we already knew to work out in teams to win the most points to prove who knew most about European geography and culture. 

Europe holiday brochures

Using all our knwledge from our topic lessons everyone chose their favourite country to write a holiday brochure. We also used I pads to look up extra facts and information. 

What an amazing concert!

What a brilliant concert we gave to our families on Friday afternoon. Mr Randall has taught 10lessons and the sound and music that was produced was fantastic. Well done everyone involved!